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reach your list with email campaign

Email Campaigns increase customer retention

Build relationships

Maintains brand awareness

Nurture and increase sales

Design Build and Manage Your Email Campaign

Email marketing is effective to keep your list engaged.   A good campaign will drive traffic to special offers and landing pages.

Let us design and create your campaign with your colors and logo from beginning to end. Set up quarterly email campaigns, weekly, or monthly emails.  Campaigns consist of whatever you like including, newsletters, special holiday email campaigns, build trust email campaigns to address concerns, email campaigns to teach your subscribers something useful and benefits of your service for them.

If you also need us to also manage your email campaign that is an option as well.  We’ll build your email campaign, make sure you are not blacklisted, setup your server,  measure opens, measure link clicks, opt-outs and clean your list.  Can Spam Act Compliant.



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