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Online Reputation Management for Businesses

Time to stop hiding and start engaging.  Social networks, including directories, forums, twitter, facebook, G+, YouTube, LinkedIn, to name a few are actively sharing information.  People are talking, sharing, linking, viewing shared feeds, and millions of people are watching. People are sharing information about companies and are your brand manager if you want to admit it, like it or not.

Consumer conversions and buying decisions are directly affected by reviews

So somebody was not happy and decides to post a negative review on Yelp for instance.

Yelps software decides its a legitiment review, not hidden, and the negative review is posted your star rating drops and everyone searching to make a purchase can see it.  How many people move on to a different company after reading a poor review?

A lot and they tell all their friends

  • 68% of all consumers read online reviews
  • 80% of buyers have indicated that after reading a bad review their purchase decision changed
  • 45% of consumers turn to social media to discuss negative experiences
  • 35% share online reviews

A poor review that is posted and not dealt with can and most certainly does affect a business’s bottom line and future returns.  A bad review not only affects revenue now but there is a long lasting impact on revenue and consumer trust that continues to trickle down if it not immediately addressed or simply ignored.

Handled correctly it’s a perfect time to show off your company in a positive light with a rebuttal that handles the problem.


Engaging in Social Media to Protect Your Brand is Crucial


Purchasers want to know who they are dealing with, what your company is all about, business ethics.  How you handle negative reviews can either make a sale or not.  Show you are a  concerned business owner or not.   Everyone has a negative review these days and it is an opportunity to show off your moral fiber.

When you learn from public opinion it’s a great opportunity to build a  Frequently asked questions, or FAQ page on your site that will address consumer concerns as well as company policies.  Well written content that is posted on your website is a terrific brand image liaison between you and your consumer.

Consumers are participants in your business reputation, they experience, they share,  and are your greatest asset as advertisers and influencers.  Brand advocates are vital in a social media world and that’s why smart businesses use this fact to their advantage and are winning.


Reputation Management Services

When a person mentions your brand online we are notified immediately

and take necessary action to avoid any long term negative affects

Don’t worry we make sure posts and responses make you look like a super hero!

Online “transparency” means putting a human face and adding a human touch to a business

People want to know who you are and who they are dealing with

Reputation management  is a genuine concern

With positive engagement

Brands can position themselves favorably


Consumers Are Your Brand

They are also your brands influencers and can be a huge factor in increasing sales

Engaging with reviewers develops brand trust

allows consumers insights into your business model

Customers are a companies greatest asset

Happy customers are actively mentioning, sharing and spreading the word.

And that my friend can grow exponentially

Smart business owners actively listen to what people are saying about their company to improve their business.

Responding in real time creates a WOW FACTOR

prevents future damage and helps solve potential problems that could affect your bottom line.

Remember United Breaks Guitars?  It’s now a google suggestion looking up United

Word of mouth is alive and well

it’s just being disseminated instantly and read by thousands of people in a matter of seconds