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One of the Highest ROI Driven Marketing Services Available

SEO or search engine optimization has some profound affects on increasing pre-qualified traffic to a companies website.    Driving qualified traffic, which is your ideal customer, to your site increases sales.

Ultimately every business desires that their phone would ring more often and see an increase in walk-in customers, or more online orders depending on your business model.   Our sophisticated strategies focus on getting you found by driving quality traffic to your website.  Applying SEO or search engine optimization takes time, and specialized knowledge with serious results and a good return on your marketing dollars for your business.

Our team of specialized copywriters, programmers, website developers, link builders, graphic designers, video producers are ready to assist and do whatever it takes to see your company grow on line organically without depending on costly paid advertising.

An  SEO understands how to build your business websites properly from the foundation up.  SEO websites are built for the long-lasting, positive growth of your business.  Our mobile responsive and mobile optimized websites render properly on all smart devices and desktops.   Every SEO mobile site prominently features a click to call button for the huge increase of mobile search customers ease to take immediate action.

An SEO does not generally rely on paid advertising but free organic results.  The goal is to rank for free within organic search results for target keywords related to your business.   Organic results are the first websites or local map listings that are below and to the left of paid advertising on Google.

Paid advertising has proven to be less cost effective, in some cases,  but may be utilized while organic results are self propagating then slowly tapered off depending on ROI statistics.  We check what is ranking and what needs more optimization to fill the voids.

If your paid advertising is paying for itself and there are good results then it certainly doesn’t hurt to compete with other advertisers for keywords that may be too difficult to rank organically.   For instance in a highly competitive verticle or niche.    While there are many types of paid advertising we are referring to pay per click or adwords primarily.


Your specific goals determine Your SEO plan.

Are you trying to establish your brand, increase sales of a certain product or increase overall traffic in general?  It’s extremely important to determine the proper marketing strategy.  If you’re not sure don’t worry we will assist you in determining the most beneficial short and long term decisions for your business.

When you decide to implement a solid strategic SEO plan that aligns with your companies goals  will give you the best opportunity to increase your rankings, which in turn increases your traffic and sales and ultimately leaves your competition behind you.

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What is Qualified Traffic?

Qualified traffic is traffic directed to your site after thorough keyword and competitor research.

On site optimized content plays an important role.

Posting non optimized content that is not written with these objectives in mind will be less beneficial, waste time and will have frustrating returns in the long run for a business.

Organic Versus Paid Advertising

Organic is less expensive, organic is evergreen (meaning it will stand the test of time) and will continue to grow as well as increase in page rank every month with continual updates.  

Applying an accurate and intuitive business strategy regularly opens diverse channels for new clients to find your website first.

business growth.

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Our Four Step SEO Implementation Process

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“You may delay, but time will not”
~ Benjamin Franklin

1st Step Time to Get Started

Initial Research

  • website audit
  • evaluate your current needs
  • your business goals short and long term
  • what has been done and what needs to be accomplished

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Develop a Business Strategy

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”

Michael LeFoeuf

2nd Step

Build your business strategy

  • Understand your market and your business goals
  • A detailed strategy is then tailored to fit your specific marketing needs
  • Determine best marketing options

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Execution of Marketing Plan

Our Focused Approach puts the spotlight on you

3rd Step

Implementation process begins

  •  Build a strong foundation
  • Continue to built and add to solid foundation
  • target search above the fold page one
  • The sky is the limit

Free Website Quality Check

Receive a full report on your sites possible coding errors

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4th Step

  • See real results from concentrated effort
  • Analytics, test, research
  • Continue on original plan
  • add new and additional strategies
  • Continual expansion of your online visibility to broaden accessibility

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